Our pod cast series covers all 3 components of the Step 2 CS live exam. An associate and Dr. Ed Lawyer have a conversation based on questions submitted to www.step2cs.net by our clients. The interviews cover all topics and concerns faced by the AMG/IMG candidates for the live exam.

“The goal of these interviews is to give our clients a good jump start on what to expect in the live exam.”-Ron Angelo, President Clinical Skills Review.

“I feel the innate value of these interviews will provide the insight and confidence to complete the exam with a lower level of stress. Knowing what you are getting into takes the Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt out of the exam process.”-Dr. Ed Lawyer, MD

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our pod casts. All the information needed for the live exam preparation can be found inside our site.
Introduction and CIS Subcomponent
Typing Speed
SEP English Language
Certain Maneuvers

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